I am a girl in love with photography because I fell in love with photographs and the people in them.My single goal in this business is to give you photographs that you cherish and love as well. I am an on-location, natural light photographer.

I am a lover of pens...the finest points make me the happiest. 
I adore gum... usually Trident, but when I am bad, I like the Double Bubble.
I drive a little too fast, sing a little off key and have a slight addiction to my iPhone.
But, if you really want to know me- I am a Christ Follower, I am a wife to my middle school sweetheart (!) and a mama to one fantastic girl whom I adore. I have an amazing immediate and extended family... I don't have the words to express my love... another reason photography became a passion.


I could not be where I am today without the people who have supported me and inspired me. I could list so many people here, as there have been so many wonderful friends and family who have invested in me and my work.

To everyone who allowed me the honor of photographing their families- thank you. I will never forget your kindness.

My Dad: We would sit for hours and look through photographs. Those images sparked a love in me that I could never deny... the love of not just capturing moments, but memories. For this I will always be grateful to my Dad. My Dad passed away in 2007- he meant the whole world to me; we had a bond that was unique and proved to be unbreakable. I have 3 items that belonged to my dad... thankfully that box of old photographs is one of them.

My Mom: For always encouraging me and being my fan! And for growing the most amazing, beautiful gardens that I have been privileged to photograph!

My Husband: For supporting me, for loving me, for encouraging me, for being tough with me when I needed it! For understanding late night editing and evening photo shoots and for being such an amazing Dad.

My Daughter: I hardly have the words- I am SO honored and grateful to be a mama- more importantly a mama to such an amazing child who grew in my heart. For the million and one photos she has allowed me to take, I am forever in her debt! When I bought my first Digital SLR, I told my husband that I wanted Mia to always know how much she was loved. It will always be my prayer that she feels loved and cherished.

My Aunt Kathy (and her family): For fall photoshoots with 20 people and pushing me to be better. I could not have become the photographer I am without the practice she so graciously gave me! There is a special place on my hard drives with her children, grandchildren and great grandchild!

My Friend and Mentor, Jenn: For the emails crying for help and for the encouragement that she so calmly and assuredly offered me. She is a genius in her own right and I am honored to have her as my mentor and more importantly as my friend. I appreciate her gentle nudges in the right direction and her never ending support... not to mention my beautiful logo!